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"I get tears in my eyes thinking about my daughter's reaction"

-Dawn M.


"...I get tears in my eyes thinking about my daughter's reaction. My little girl ran to her and Sophie dropped to her knees and held her arms open just waiting for her. I think everybody was crying. She sang to all the children and sang happy birthday to my daughter and she didn't just pay attention to my little girl, She made every little girl at that party feel special.   I should add, her voice is amazing. She doesn't just sing... she really sings.  It is beautiful. 

Sophie was amazing. 

 We have been to a couple different places with people dressed up as Moana. Their attire, the wigs and most importantly the interaction just was not there. Sophie obviously loves what she does ...  because she's great at it. "

-Dawn M.


Sophie, I can't thank you enough for making our girl and everyone there feel so loved and special. I about went into the ugly cry with that I get so emotional with each of her birthdays, but this was pure joy! Our daughter has been fighting since the moment she was born (total miracle baby and long story), but the past few months have been extra hard for her...this is just what she needed.

Encouragement. Hope. To know she is loved.

Kerry G


Sophie was amazing beyond my imagination! Immediately upon arrival she was genuinely invested in the children. She engaged on their terms, while encouraging the shy children but not pushing them. Her voice and spirit are absolutely beautiful! So thankful we had the “real Moana” join my daughter’s birthday party!


"Sophie's responses, prior to booking, were not only professional but genuine and caring. She wanted to know all about my daughter and how she could make her day special. The day of our party, she was prompt, she stayed in character the entire time, She warmed the hearts of all the children there, especially our birthday girl who wouldn’t leave her side. And Oh. My. Goodness, her singing! I have never heard a more beautiful voice. It brought many people at the party to tears. Hiring Sophie as Moana was an experience that my children and I will never forget. Worth every penny. Thank you Sophie, from the bottom of my heart <3" 

-Emily B


One of my favorite things about Sophie is how connected she was to my daughter. It wasn't about the show of it all, but it seemed as if Sophie was enjoying this moment with my daughter as much as my daughter was


She treated every child like they were the most important person, and there was no one else she would rather be talking to. As a result, the kids felt known and walked away feeling like they met THE REAL Moana. The time she spent getting prepared, her professionalism, and enthusiasm truly turned our event from memorable to magical. Thank you Sophie!

My face literally was in pain from smiling the entire time she was here. She was a joy to have in our home. She was amazing with each and every child, especially the birthday girl!


I was in tears as she sang because my daughter was so in awe of her.. All my adult family and friends said they felt like they were at Disney!  

Sophie was excited to take as many pictures as we wanted. We would highly recommend Sophie!


Sophie was warm and welcoming from the moment she walked into our home. Our birthday girl was pretty shy and Sophie did a great job both giving her space and interacting with her when she was ready. She was so sweet with all the other kids who wanted her attention. I would absolutely, encourage moms to have Sophie attend your child's party!!

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